ASSIST-IoT Deliverables are listed below. All public (PU) deliverables are available for downloading.

Please note that documents with symbol “*” are not definitive documents and may experience changes after review from the EC.

Del. NoDeliverable nameWP NoLead PartnerTypeDissemination LevelDelivery DateDownload
D1.1H – Requirement No. 11UPVEthicsConfidentialM6
D1.2POPD – Requirement No. 21UPVEthicsConfidentialM6
D2.1Project Management Handbook2UPVRPublicM1PDF*
D2.2Data Management Plan2UPVORDPPublicM6 PDF*
D2.3Ethics and Privacy Protection Manual v12CERTHRPublicM3PDF*
D2.4Ethics and Privacy Protection Manual v22CERTHRPublicM18PDF*
D2.5Risk Management v12UPVRPublicM9 PDF*
D2.6Risk Management v22UPVRPublicM18 PDF*
D2.7Risk Management v32UPVRPublicM27
D2.8Advisory Board Minutes – First Meeting2UPVRPublicM6 PDF*
D2.9Advisory Board Minutes – Second Meeting2UPVRPublicM18 PDF*
D2.10Advisory Board Minutes – Final Meeting2UPVRPublicM30
D2.11First Open Call Report2UPVRPublicM20
D2.12Second Open Call Report2UPVRPublicM32
D3.1State-of-the-Art and Market Analysis Report3PRORPublicM3 PDF*
D3.2Use Cases Manual & Requirements and Business analysis – Initial3SRIPASRPublicM6 PDF*
D3.3Use Cases Manual & Requirements and Business analysis – Final3MOWRPublicM18 PDF*
D3.4Legal and Regulatory Constraints Analysis and Specification3CIOP-PIBRPublicM12 PDF*
D3.5ASSIST-IoT Architecture Definition – Initial3UPVRPublicM6 PDF*
D3.6ASSIST-IoT Architecture Definition – Intermediate3PRORPublicM15PDF*
D3.7ASSIST-IoT Architecture Definition – Final3UPVRPublicM21
D4.1Initial Core Enablers Specification4SRIPASRPublicM9 PDF*
D4.2Core Enablers Specification and Implementation4PROOPublicM18 PDF*
D4.3Final Core Enablers Specification and Implementation4UPVOPublicM30
D5.1Software Structure And Preliminary Design5SRIPASRPublicM9 PDF*
D5.2Traversal Enablers Development Preliminary Version5SRIPASOPublicM12 PDF*
D5.3Traversal Enablers Development Intermediate Version5CERTHOPublicM18 PDF*
D5.4Software Structure And Final Design5UPVRPublicM24
D5.5Traversal Enablers Development Final Version5SRIPASOPublicM30
D6.1Devsecops Methodology And Tools5S21SECRPublicM6 PDF*
D6.2Testing and Integration Plan – Initial6CERTHRPublicM18PDF*
D6.3Testing and Integration Plan – Final6CERTHRPublicM30
D6.4Release and Distribution Plan – Initial6UPVRPublicM18 PDF*
D6.5Technical and Support Documentation – Initial6INFRPublicM18 PDF*
D6.6Technical and Support Documentation – Final6INFRPublicM30
D6.7Release and Distribution Plan – Final6UPVRPublicM30
D7.1Deployment Plan and Operational Framework7PRORPublicM12 PDF*
D7.2Pilot Scenario Implementation – First Version7FORDRPublicM18 PDF*
D7.3Pilot Scenario Implementation – Intermediate Version7MOWRPublicM27
D7.4Pilot Scenario Implementation – Final Version7TLRPublicM36
D8.1Evaluation Plan7KONERPublicM18 PDF*
D8.2Technical Evaluation and Assessment Report8NEWAYSRPublicM27
D8.3Final Evaluation Report8NEWAYSRPublicM36
D9.1Web Site, Social Media Channels and Communication Support Material9INFRPublicM3PDF*
D9.2Impact Creation Roadmap9INFRPublicM6 PDF*
D9.3Report on Contribution to Standardisation and International Fora – Initial9ORARPublicM18 PDF*
D9.4Report on Contribution to Standardisation and International Fora –Final9ORARPublicM36
D9.5Report on Impact Creation Achievements and Plan for the Second Period9SRIPASRPublicM18 PDF*
D9.6Business Models and Marketing Operations – Initial9PRORPublicM18 PDF*
D9.7Business Models and Marketing Operations – Final9PRORPublicM36
D9.8Final Report on Impact Creation9INFRPublicM36