ASSIST-IoT Deliverables are listed below. All public (PU) deliverables are available for downloading.

Please note that documents with symbol “*” are not definitive documents and may experience changes after review from the EC.

Del. NoDeliverable nameWP NoLead PartnerTypeDissemination LevelDelivery DateDownload
D1.1H – Requirement No. 11UPVEthicsConfidentialM6
D1.2POPD – Requirement No. 21UPVEthicsConfidentialM6
D2.1Project Management Handbook2UPVRPublicM1PDF
D2.2Data Management Plan2UPVORDPPublicM6 PDF
D2.3Ethics and Privacy Protection Manual v12CERTHRPublicM3PDF
D2.4Ethics and Privacy Protection Manual v22CERTHRPublicM18PDF
D2.5Risk Management v12UPVRPublicM9 PDF
D2.6Risk Management v22UPVRPublicM18 PDF
D2.7Risk Management v32UPVRPublicM27PDF*
D2.8Advisory Board Minutes – First Meeting2UPVRPublicM6 PDF
D2.9Advisory Board Minutes – Second Meeting2UPVRPublicM18 PDF
D2.10Advisory Board Minutes – Final Meeting2UPVRPublicM30PDF*
D2.11First Open Call Report2UPVRPublicM20PDF*
D2.12Second Open Call Report2UPVRPublicM39PDF*
D2.13Risk Update and Status Report 2UPVRPublicM36PDF*
D3.1State-of-the-Art and Market Analysis Report3PRORPublicM3 PDF
D3.2Use Cases Manual & Requirements and Business analysis – Initial3SRIPASRPublicM6 PDF
D3.3Use Cases Manual & Requirements and Business analysis – Final3MOWRPublicM18 PDF
D3.4Legal and Regulatory Constraints Analysis and Specification3CIOP-PIBRPublicM12 PDF
D3.5ASSIST-IoT Architecture Definition – Initial3UPVRPublicM6 PDF
D3.6ASSIST-IoT Architecture Definition – Intermediate3PRORPublicM15PDF
D3.7ASSIST-IoT Architecture Definition – Final3UPVRPublicM21PDF*
D4.1Initial Core Enablers Specification4SRIPASRPublicM9 PDF
D4.2Core Enablers Specification and Implementation4PROOPublicM18 PDF
D4.3Final Core Enablers Specification and Implementation4UPVOPublicM36PDF*
D5.1Software Structure And Preliminary Design5SRIPASRPublicM9 PDF
D5.2Traversal Enablers Development Preliminary Version5SRIPASOPublicM12 PDF
D5.3Traversal Enablers Development Intermediate Version5CERTHOPublicM18 PDF
D5.4Software Structure And Final Design5UPVRPublicM24PDF*
D5.5Traversal Enablers Development Final Version5SRIPASOPublicM36PDF*
D6.1Devsecops Methodology And Tools5S21SECRPublicM6 PDF
D6.2Testing and Integration Plan – Initial6CERTHRPublicM18PDF
D6.3Testing and Integration Plan – Final6CERTHRPublicM30PDF*
D6.4Release and Distribution Plan – Initial6UPVRPublicM18 PDF
D6.5Technical and Support Documentation – Initial6INFRPublicM18 PDF
D6.6Technical and Support Documentation – Final6INFRPublicM30PDF*
D6.7Release and Distribution Plan – Final6UPVRPublicM30PDF*
D6.8Final Integration and Support Report6CERTHRPublicM36PDF*
D7.1Deployment Plan and Operational Framework7PRORPublicM12 PDF
D7.2Pilot Scenario Implementation – First Version7FORDRPublicM18 PDF
D7.3Pilot Scenario Implementation – Intermediate Version7MOWRPublicM27PDF*
D7.4Pilot Scenario Implementation – Final Version7TLRPublicM41PDF*
D8.1Evaluation Plan7KONERPublicM18 PDF
D8.2Technical Evaluation and Assessment Report8NEWAYSRPublicM27PDF*
D8.3Final Evaluation Report8NEWAYSRPublicM41PDF*
D9.1Web Site, Social Media Channels and Communication Support Material9INFRPublicM3PDF
D9.2Impact Creation Roadmap9INFRPublicM6 PDF
D9.3Report on Contribution to Standardisation and International Fora – Initial9ORARPublicM18 PDF
D9.4Report on Contribution to Standardisation and International Fora –Final9ORARPublicM41PDF*
D9.5Report on Impact Creation Achievements and Plan for the Second Period9SRIPASRPublicM18 PDF
D9.6Business Models and Marketing Operations – Initial9PRORPublicM18 PDF
D9.7Business Models and Marketing Operations – Final9PRORConfidential M41
D9.8Final Report on Impact Creation9INFRPublicM41PDF*