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ASSIST-IoT Newsletter #8

The eighth issue of ASSIST-IoT newsletter presents the project activities throughout August -October 2022 period. This issue focuses on the ASSIST-IoT Open Call #2, the communication and the dissemination activities of the period, the project deliverables, the interaction with the NGIoT association, and the 5th GA Meeting in Warsaw.

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ASSIST-IoT Newsletter Issue 5

The 5th issue of the ASSIST-IoT newsletter is now available! It describes the November 2021 – January 2022 ASSIST-IoT period activities. This issue also focuses on the ASSIST-IoT Open Call, the communication and the dissemination activities of the project, the project deliverables (recent and upcoming) and the interaction with the NGIoT association.

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NGIoT Newsletter #8

The NGIoT community was hard at work in 2021 to build a vibrant and impactful European IoT ecosystem. A range of activities included the first NGIoT Open Calls, a series of events exploring the IoT Edge nexus, IoT thematic workshops and a training series. Join us on a quick recap of the achievements so far. The last NGIoT newsletter for the 2021 is now available! In this issue you will learn about the latest news on IoT events, open calls and upcoming webinars. Read more “NGIoT Newsletter #8”


NGIoT newsletter #7

The latest NGIoT newsletter #7 is now available. You may access it and learn all about the latest news, event and activities around IoT community and research projects in Europe. The Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) initiative is a growing community of projects and related initiatives at work to maximise the power of IoT made in Europe.

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ASSIST-IoT Newsletter – Issue #1

The first issue of  ASSIST-IoT newsletter is here!  It presents the project activities during the first period November 2020 – January 2021.
This specific issue focuses on the initial communication and dissemination activities, the project deliverables (recent and upcoming), the virtual Kick Off Meeting, while it briefly provides a project overview and introduces ASSIST-IoT pilots.

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