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Technical Report #6

ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #6, entitled “From OBD to Connected Diagnostics: A Game Changer at Fleet, Vehicle and Component Level.”, by: ASIST-IoT partners C Guardiola, C Vigild, F de Smet and K Schusteritz has been published.    Early on-board diagnostics (OBD) standards were enforced in 1988 and, by the beginning of the XXI century, all major automotive markets require some sort of OBD. Over the years, the diagnostics software layer has grown in complexity, yet robust fault detection remains a challenging task: insufficient memory and computation power, suboptimal calibration, and the lack of sufficient real-life operation data for model development are some of the limiting factors. Read more “Technical Report #6”


Journal paper on MDPI Sensors

ASSIST-IoT partners, Patryk Zradziński, Jolanta Karpowicz, Krzysztof Gryz, Grzegorz Owczarek and Victoria Ramos have published a journal paper on MDPI Sensors entitled: “Modelling and Evaluation of the Absorption of the 866 MHz Electromagnetic Field in Humans Exposed near to Fixed I-RFID Readers Used in Medical RTLS or to Monitor PPE”. Read more “Journal paper on MDPI Sensors”