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ASSIST-IoT Open Call Workshop Presentation

Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda (Universitat Politècnica de València UPV) presented on February 7th in the ASSIST-IoT Open Call Workshop all the details about our funding opportunity. Briefly he presented the pilots of the ASSIST-IoT, the objectives and the eligibility criteria of the ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call Special thanks to the Next Generation Internet of Things – NGIoT for making it happen and to all the participants. Read more “ASSIST-IoT Open Call Workshop Presentation”


The ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call started!

The 1st ASSIST-IoT Open Call is open now! ASSIST-IoT Open Call aims at funding innovative proposals that will enhance ASSIST-IoT’s objectives framed (mandatorily) within one (out of its three) pilot(s). In particular, Open Call proposals are expected to address one specific challenge out of a list of possible challenges formulated by each pilot. Third parties are expected to come along and carry out relevant actions during the project’s life cycle. You may submit your proposal up to 28 February 2022 17:00 CET.

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NGIoT Newsflash 5 released!

The latest NGIoT newsflash (issue 5) is now available! Access it and read the latest news about events and open calls around the European IoT community. Among others you may learn more information about the ICT-56 projects Open Calls as well as all the details about the upcoming ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call. Stay tuned!

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ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call Announcement

The 1st ASSIST-IoT Open Call is officially announced and starts at 1st of November! The ASSIST-IoT project has reserved part of the project budget to fund specific activities in order to enhance and improve IoT features and applications and boost the NGIoT community across Europe. Third parties are expected to come along and carry out relevant actions  during the project’s life cycle. Read more “ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call Announcement”