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Technical Report #5

Technical Report #5 entitled: “DevSecOps Methodology for NG-IoT Ecosystem Development Lifecycle – ASSIST-IoT perspective” by ASSIST-IoT partners: Óscar López, Jordi Blasi, Mikel Uriarte, Ignacio Lacalle, Gonzalo Galiana, Carlos E. Palau, Eduardo Garro, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Piotr Lewandowski, Katarzyna Wasielewska, Konstantinos Votis, Georgios Stavropoulos, Iordanis Papoutsoglou, Read more “Technical Report #5”


NGIoT newsletter #7

The latest NGIoT newsletter #7 is now available. You may access it and learn all about the latest news, event and activities around IoT community and research projects in Europe. The Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) initiative is a growing community of projects and related initiatives at work to maximise the power of IoT made in Europe.

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ASSIST-IoT presenting in NextSecure

ASSIST-IoT partner, Oscar López (S21sec) took part and presented “Applying machine learning towards active cybersecurity” in the NextSecure, the annual cybersecurity event of S21sec, which celebrated its XXIII edition focused on Offensive Security on 9 June 2021. NextSecure, the annual cybersecurity event of S21sec, celebrated its XXIII edition focused on Offensive Security, a trend that represents that companies not only defend themselves of cyberattacks, Read more “ASSIST-IoT presenting in NextSecure”


ASSIST-IoT Newsletter – Issue #1

The first issue of  ASSIST-IoT newsletter is here!  It presents the project activities during the first period November 2020 – January 2021.
This specific issue focuses on the initial communication and dissemination activities, the project deliverables (recent and upcoming), the virtual Kick Off Meeting, while it briefly provides a project overview and introduces ASSIST-IoT pilots.

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ASSIST-IoT Poster is available online for downloading

The ASSIST-IoT poster is available in our official website. Feel free to access it and circulate it among your audience!

It provides an overview of the project’s scope, objectives, three pilots (with their sub scenarios) as well as an initial approach to ASSIST-IoT architecture.

The poster is available in two sizes (A1 and A2) for downloading. Read more “ASSIST-IoT Poster is available online for downloading”