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NGIoT newsletter Issue #10

The Next Generation Internet of Things – NGIoT newsletter Issue #10 is now available online! In this issue you may learn all about the funding opportunities related to IoT projects.

It also included information about ASSIST-IoT OpenCall #2 and its upcoming webinars for interested applicants.

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ASSIST-IoT Open Call Webinar series

ASSIST-IoT project, with the support of NGIoT, organizes a series of 3 webinars shedding light on the project’s 2nd Open Call details!
These webinars are conducted by the ASSIST-IoT team for presenting their upcoming funding opportunity through ASSIST-IoT Open Call, 480,000€ are reserved for SMEs, RTOs and universities willing to provide added value to the pilots of the project while validating its technical outcomes.

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ASSIST-IoT Project is member of SWForum

SWForum.eu aims to create a self-sustainable online forum that facilitates and encourages both researchers and practitioners as well as projects in software, digital infrastructure and cybersecurity to create intersections of expertise and a multidisciplinary approach to research and innovation. This forum seeks to set in place the European research roadmap and offer cross-fertilisation of competencies to all other research and innovation areas. 

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ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2 – BIM Visualization

The BIM visualisation functionality relies on the loading of the BIM model in a way that can be visualized through the MR device. The OSH inspector can manipulate the most-updated BIM model at each location, reviewing the overall progress of the building as well as the dangerous zones.

Safety at the construction site will be also increased by additional control of access to restricted zones, ensuring that only workers with relevant permissions, and valid safety trainings have access to dangerous locations.

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ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2 Demonstration Site

The construction site is a changing and dangerous environment. According to Eurostat data from 2018 in construction sector makes up 20.5% of all fatal and 11,6% of non-fatal accidents in the EU-27. Within the ASSIST-IoT Project, innovation elements will be developed that will improve health and safety. These solutions will be tested on a construction site managed by Mostostal Warszawa SA. If you want to see our pilot, we invite you to watch this video.

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Technical Report 11

ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #11, entitled “Efficiency of REST and gRPC realizing communication tasks in microservice-based ecosystems” , by: ASSIST-IoT partners Marek BOLANOWSKI, Kamil ŻAK, Andrzej PASZKIEWICZ, Maria GANZHA, Marcin PAPRZYCKI, Ignacio LACALLE, Carlos E. PALAU,

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ASSIST-IoT in IoT Week 2022!

ASSIST-IoT project was present in IoT week 2022 which took place on 20 – 23 June 2022. ASSIST IoT project organized a workshop entitled “The ASSIST-IoT approach to NGIoT architecture design and implementation” on the 21st of June. At this workshop, partners had the chance to present relevant outcomes of ASSIST-IoT. During this workshop, partners of the ASSIST-IoT presented the project’s concept along with advances related to our pilot cases. Read more “ASSIST-IoT in IoT Week 2022!”