ASSIST-IoT Publications

ASSIST-IoT papers and publications in journals, conferences, workshops, book chapters, white papers and contributions to events are presented in detail in the following sections.

Journal papers

ASSIST-IoT journal papers will be presented in detail in this subsection.


Technical reports and Conference-Workshop papers

ASSIST-IoT technical reports and papers presented in conferences and workshops are presented in detail in this subsection:

  • Technical Report #1: César López, Ignacio Lacalle, Andreu Belsa, Zbigniew Kopertowski, Carlos E.Palau, Manuel Esteve, “Reviewing SDN adoption strategies for Next Generation Internet of Things networks” (PDF)
  • Technical Report #2: Piotr Niedziela, Anastasiya Danilenka, Dominik Kolasa, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Kumar Nalinaksh, “Sunday-FL – Developing Open Source Platform for Federated Learning” (PDF)