ASSIST-IoT published articles-interviews

ASSIST-IoT articles are published in several media such as journals, newspapers, websites, newsletters etc. All published articles are presented in detail on the following sections

  1. “TL success story” interview, online, by Digital Business Development
  2. “Paving new ways for next-gen IoT” online article by Bits&Chips:
  3. ASSIST-IoT online article at Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH) website:
  4. “La industria encara sus retos tecnológicos con la inteligencia artificial y el Internet de las Cosas – La Politécnica lidera el proyecto europeo Assist-IoT” online article at La Razon (in Spanish):
  5. “La industria encara sus retos tecnológicos con IA e Internet de las cosas – El proyecto europeo ASSIST-IoT prevé aumentar la seguridad laboral en la construcción y optimizar el diagnóstico de fallos en vehículos” online article at (in Spanish) here
  6. “ASSIST-IoT Webinar-Workshop video”, NGIoT website,
  7. ASSIST-IoT OC1 presented at IoT Week 2021 (30 August 2021) – Video recording available at IoT Week 2021 website:
  8. ASSIST-IoT OC1 announcement featured in NGIoT Newsflash (Issue October 2021):
  9. ASSIST-IoT OC1 announced at NGIoT website:
  10. ASSIST-IoT OC2 announced at NGIoT website:
  11. ASSIST-IoT special session at IEEE WF-IoT, 5G-PPP website:
  12. ASSIST-IoT OC2 webinar 1 announced at NGIoT website:
  13. ASSIST-IoT OC2 webinar 2 announced at NGIoT website:
  14. ASSIST-IoT OC2 webinar 3 announced at NGIoT website:
  17. ASSIST-IoT Spotlight at
  18. IOS Press ASSIST-IoT: A Reference Architecture for Next Generation Internet of Things,
  19. HiPEAC Info Magazine Issue 70. featuring ASSIST-IoT article
  20. Article on ASSIST-IoT and IoT Week: here
  21. ASSIST-IoT Spotlight at (updated):
  22. MaltaFreePort article: