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6th ASSIST-IoT Plenary Meeting ASSIST-IoT

6th Face to Face to Face Plenary Meeting

The 6th Face to Face Plenary meeting took place on the 26th & 27th of April, in CERTH’s premises in Thessaloniki. In this plenary meeting partners discussed about the final period of the project. Details about the pilots and the current status of the work packages were also discussed. In this meeting a separate parallel room with technical orientations was included in the agenda. Also, members of the consortium had fruitful discussions with the Advisory Board members which participated in the meeting both physically and virtually.

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Call for papers

ASSIST-IoT IoT-ECAW’23 – Call for papers

ASSIST-IoT co-organises the 7th Workshop on Internet of Things – Enablers, Challenges and Applications (IoT-ECAW’23) in Warsaw, Poland, 17–20 September, 2023 (organized within the 18th Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems-FedCSIS 2023 (IEEE: #57573), 16th International Workshop on Computational Optimization (WCO’23), Track 3). Call for papers is open – Submission deadline 23 May 2023. Read more “ASSIST-IoT IoT-ECAW’23 – Call for papers”


EU-IoT Final Event on March 30

EU-IoT has been a vital accelerator for the European IoT ecosystem, supporting the development of synergies, fostering strategic coordination among Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) projects and related initiatives, and promoting the adoption of IoT solutions. As the project comes to a close in March 2023, this event provides an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned and explore the future of IoT in Europe.

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NGIOT Sustainability Workshop – Use Cases” workshop 2nd Presentation

ASSIST-IoT project participated at Next Generation Internet of Things – NGIoT“NGIOT Sustainability Workshop – Use Cases” workshop on 22nd of February! ASSIST- IoT was represented on 2 different slots. On the second one, Carlos Guardiola presented “Tackling reusability plans for components developed for automotive diagnostics pilot”.


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IoT Week 2023

IoT Week 2023 will take place in Berlin! IoT Week 2023 invites you to discover the latest developments with innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, edge computing, extended reality and metaverse, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Data Sovereignty, data spaces, etc. 

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ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #10

ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #10, entitled “Implementation of UI methods and UX in VR in case of 3D printer tutorial”, by Andrzej PASZKIEWICZ, Mateusz SALACH, Maria GANZHA, Marcin PAPRZYCKI, Marek BOLANOWSKI, Grzegorz BUDZIK, Hubert WÓJCIK, Fotios KONSTANTINIDIS, and Carlos E. PALAU, accepted at SOMET 2022 conference, KitaKyushu, Japan (20-22 September 2022). Read more “ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #10”