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Frugal Heart Rate Correction Method for Scalable Health and…

Continuous, real-time monitoring of occupational health and safety in high-risk workplaces such as construction sites can substantially improve the safety of workers. However, introducing such systems in practice is associated with a number of challenges, such as scaling up the solution while keeping its cost low. In this context, this work investigates the use of an off-the-shelf, low-cost smartwatch to detect health issues based on heart rate monitoring in a privacy-preserving manner.


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Call for papers

ASSIST-IoT IoT-ECAW’23 – Call for papers

ASSIST-IoT co-organises the 7th Workshop on Internet of Things – Enablers, Challenges and Applications (IoT-ECAW’23) in Warsaw, Poland, 17–20 September, 2023 (organized within the 18th Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems-FedCSIS 2023 (IEEE: #57573), 16th International Workshop on Computational Optimization (WCO’23), Track 3). Call for papers is open – Submission deadline 23 May 2023. Read more “ASSIST-IoT IoT-ECAW’23 – Call for papers”


A fuzzy knowledge-based system for UV exposure management

ASSIST-IoT paper “A fuzzy knowledge-based system for UV exposure management” presentation at IEEE 8th World Forum
Georgios Stavropoulos (CERTH) presented the ASSIST-IoT paper “A fuzzy knowledge-based system for UV exposure management” at IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), ASSIST-IoT Special Session: Future Platforms for Edge-Cloud Continuum–Theoretical Foundations and Practical Considerations, on Monday 31st October 2022, in Yokohama, Japan.

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AI Application in Next Generation Programmable Networks

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can provide an effective solution for dynamic and automated network resource management in Software Defined Networking (SDN). In this contribution, we propose an auto-configuration enabler inside the next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) architecture proposed in the ASSIST-IoT project, for network resource allocation. The AI algorithm is responsible for controlling intent-based routing in an SDN network. This paper focuses on the problem of optimal intent switching between two designated paths using a Deep-Q-Learning approach based on an artificial neural network. Read more “AI Application in Next Generation Programmable Networks”


ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #10

ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #10, entitled “Implementation of UI methods and UX in VR in case of 3D printer tutorial”, by Andrzej PASZKIEWICZ, Mateusz SALACH, Maria GANZHA, Marcin PAPRZYCKI, Marek BOLANOWSKI, Grzegorz BUDZIK, Hubert WÓJCIK, Fotios KONSTANTINIDIS, and Carlos E. PALAU, accepted at SOMET 2022 conference, KitaKyushu, Japan (20-22 September 2022). Read more “ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #10”


ASSIST-IoT 2nd Open Call Announcement

The 2nd ASSIST-IoT Open Call is officially announced and starts at 1st of July 2022! The ASSIST-IoT project has reserved part of the project budget to fund specific activities in order to enhance and improve IoT features and applications and boost the NGIoT community across Europe. Third parties are expected to come along and carry out relevant actions  during the project’s life cycle. Read more “ASSIST-IoT 2nd Open Call Announcement”