FAQ#1: What is ASSIST-IoT?
ASSIST-IoT is a project funded by H2020 programme aiming at designing, implementing, and validating an open, decentralized reference architecture for the Next Generation Internet of Things, associated enablers, services, and tools, to support human-centric applications in multiple verticals. More information can be found on the rest webpages of this website at:
FAQ#2: What is ASSIST-IoT Open Call #1?

ASSIST-IoT has reserved a total of 900.000 € for financially supporting third parties to enhance the scope of the project by joining the project via Open Calls. ASSIST-IoT will perform two rounds of Open Calls where research entities and SMEs around Europe are summoned to present proposals fitting one of the project pilots, targeting specific challenges. ASSIST-IoT Open Call #1 is the first of those two rounds.

FAQ#3: Could I apply to ASSIST-IoT Open Calls?

Only SMEs, Research entities (RTOs) and Universities can apply to ASSIST-IoT Open Call. In addition, entities must also comply with specific legal requirements that can be found at the draft Collaboration Agreement.

FAQ#4: How can I apply to the funding?

Via visiting the form: , fulfilling mandatory fields and properly submitting the Proposal using the Proposal Template. All of the previous must be done before February 28th, 2022.

FAQ#5: Is there a checklist of steps to be conducted?

Actions to be completed are:

  • Check articles in the Collaboration Agreement.
  • Fulfill the form (at least, the mandatory fields) and accept the Ethics and Legal terms.
  • Upload through the form the Proposal (to be elaborated using the provided template)
  • Sending an email to and with the Proposal (compressed in a ZIP file using an indicated password).

Receiving an acknowledged receipt from the Consortium.

FAQ#6: Which activities qualify for financial support?

Both Open Call rounds will aim at funding innovative proposals that will enhance ASSIST-IoT’s objectives framed (mandatorily) within one (out of its three) pilot(s). In particular, Open Call proposals are expected to address one specific challenge out of a list of possible challenges formulated by each pilot. Check Guide for Applicants for further info.

FAQ#7: How many applications could I submit?

Only one proposal per applicant will be considered for evaluation. Multiple submissions of the same proposal can be made: the last one received by email (with corresponding acknowledge of receipt) will be considered.

FAQ#8: Which are the evaluation criteria that will be applied?

The evaluation will be based on: i) Relevance to ASSIST-IoT (min. 3 out of 5); (ii) Impact and sustainability (min 4 out of 5); (iii) Technical excellence (min 4 out of 5); (iv) Quality of implementation (min4 out of 5) (v) Quality of the team (min. 4 out of 5) and 19 as a global threshold over 25

FAQ#9: How would I be joining the project?

Selected entities will enter the Consortium of ASSIST-IoT as third parties of the Project Coordinator after the signature of a Collaboration Agreement based on the template provided in the Application Package.

FAQ#10: How amount of funding can be requested and which are the eligible costs?

A maximum requested amount of 60.000€ per proposal might be accepted. The form of financial support to be used will be a pre-defined lump sum.

FAQ#11: When will I find out whether the proposal has been accepted?

Notifications on funding or rejections will be sent out to applicants, together with any feedback, by May, 19th, 2022.

FAQ#12: Could I be eligible for the 2nd round of Open Calls?

If you have been granted funding in the 1st round, you are not eligible. Otherwise, all entities are eligible in so far as they meet the global eligibility criteria.

FAQ#13: Which will be the differences between Open Call #1 and Open Call #2?

More budget is reserved for round #2, which will have as the main difference the technical framework and the starting point of the developments in the project. Additional challenges per pilot will be added as well.

FAQ#14: Who can I contact to get more information about the Open Call?

You can contact the following addresses:,,