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ASSIST-IoT Final Event

The final event of our project took place on March 21st. The event focused on the achievements of the project, including the platform features and its use in the different scenarios of our pilots, as well as the related strategic and commercial aspects. Our Project Coordinator and our Technical Manager gave overview presentations. The final event of our project included also a panel session entitled “Lessons learnt and future of IoT edge cloud computing ecosystems”.




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This video serves the purpose of explaining the GWEN Board developed by Neways Technologies as part of the ASSIST-IoT project. The main idea was to create a versatile gateway capable of doing powerful calculations (at the edge) while also performing as a high-speed connection between the edge and the cloud The Gateway must support AI, and adopt 5G while being able to use 4G/Wi-Fi on a secure platform.


ASSIST-IoT Final event

The Project’s Final Event will bring the key professionals of the ASSIST-IoT project, where its key outcomes will be showcased. The event will be focused on the achievements of the project, including the platform features and its use in the different scenarios of our pilots, as well as related strategic and commercial aspects. 


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“Developing a Reference Architecture for the Continuum – Concept,…

Cloud and edge computing are essential technologies in a computing continuum to ensure data is managed more efficiently – closer to the originating source rather than transmitting raw data to data centres. As recent studies suggest, data processing is moving closer to the edge. Thus, a stronger focus on the far edge and IoT part of the continuum spectrum can provide significant benefits, such as reduced communication costs, reduced storage needs, and lowered energy consumption. Moreover, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning would provide particularly high benefits for citizens and businesses in such a scenario, like increased local data sovereignty, stronger privacy protection, and tighter sense-reason-act loops based on localised, low-latency networks and processing nodes. These trends call for a shift towards the technical and business convergence of the so-far formally separated Cloud, Edge and IoT domains.


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Next-generation IoT insights

Dive into the future of IoT with this next-generation IoT insights webinar. Explore cutting-edge projects that redefine the landscape of IoT technologies. From open, decentralized reference architectures to smart networking and data management solutions, witness the transformative potential of these initiatives across sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and energy.
This webinar will feature presentations by the following projects in the Horizon 2020 ICT-56 group: ASSIST-IoT, INGENIOUS, TERMINET, INTELLIOT and VEDLIOT.

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D5.5 – Transversal Enabler Development Final Version

This deliverable is the third in a series of three iterations devoted to the formalisation and design of the vertical enablers identified within the scope of the project, hence presenting their final software structure. It updates and
extends the specifications presented in the previous deliverable, accompanied by the developed software artifacts (i.e., enablers). 

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D6.8 Final Integration and Support Report

This deliverable corresponds to the final actions of WP6 as the project reaches its final stage. The fact that all
the three deliverable series that ended on M30 could not be postponed until M36 signaled the conceptualisation
of this deliverable, thus enabling to finalise all the procedures in the context of this work package, without a
large timespan since the last report. 

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