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IoT Next Club

IoT Next Club  is here to boost the role of SMEs in the IoT field. It represents the forefront of techonology in Europe, as we integrate SMEs from different certicals to build a strong community and find ways to collaborate. We believe in the power of cross sector synergies as we put together diffeerent players who may benegit from the critical relationships. Read more “IoT Next Club”


ASSIST-IoT 2nd GA meeting

The ASSIST-IoT 2nd Plenary Meeting took place online and lasted for 2 days (2-3 of March). During the first day of the meeting, the discussion was about the overall coordination process, the use cases specifications/requirements and the impact of the project mainly through its communication, dissemination, standardisation and exploitation initial activities.

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ASSIST-IoT Newsletter – Issue #1

The first issue of  ASSIST-IoT newsletter is here!  It presents the project activities during the first period November 2020 – January 2021.
This specific issue focuses on the initial communication and dissemination activities, the project deliverables (recent and upcoming), the virtual Kick Off Meeting, while it briefly provides a project overview and introduces ASSIST-IoT pilots.

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