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Open Call

ASSIST-IoT Open Call Workshop Presentation

Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda (Universitat Politècnica de València UPV) presented on February 7th in the ASSIST-IoT Open Call Workshop all the details about our funding opportunity. Briefly he presented the pilots of the ASSIST-IoT, the objectives and the eligibility criteria of the ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call Special thanks to the Next Generation Internet of Things – NGIoT for making it happen and to all the participants. Read more “ASSIST-IoT Open Call Workshop Presentation”


“DLT-enabled security for IoT infrastructures” presented on NGIoT Training

ASSIST-IoT partner Iordanis Papoutsoglou (CERTH) took place in the NGIoT Training: “Decentralizing IoT Intelligence using Distributed Ledger Technologies” and presented the “DLT-enabled security for IoT infrastructures” on 7th of February. He shared some useful details about the ASSIST-IoT architecture and the open call. 

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DevSecOps Methodology for NG-IoT Ecosystem Development Lifecycle

ASSIST-IoT partners, Óscar López, Jordi Blasi, Mikel Uriarte, Ignacio Lacalle, Gonzalo Galiana, Carlos E. Palau, Eduardo Garro, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Piotr Lewandowski, Katarzyna Wasielewska, Konstantinos Votis, Georgios Stavropoulos, Iordanis Papoutsoglou, published an article entitled “DevSecOps Methodology for NG-IoT Ecosystem Development Lifecycle – ASSIST-IoT perspective”, at Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics, 37(3):321-33, September 2021. 

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Ιmplementing autonomic Internet of Things ecosystems – practical consideration

ASSIST-IoT partner Piotr Lewandowski (SRIPAS) presented remotely the paper “Implementing autonomic Internet of Things ecosystems – practical considerations”, on Friday 17th September 2021, at the 16th International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT-2021), Kaliningrad, Russia. The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics (Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia), Read more “Ιmplementing autonomic Internet of Things ecosystems – practical consideration”


ASSIST-IoT: Introduction to Federated Learning

A keynote speech entitled “ASSIST-IoT: Introduction to Federated Learning” was given by Marcin Paprzycki from SRIPAS at the 6th International Conference Information, Communication & Computing Technology (ICICCT-2021, 8 May 2021). After the success of the fifth conference held by Springer CCIS on May 09, 2020 via online, New Delhi, India, we welcome your participation and contribution to the 6th International Conference on Information, 

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ASSIST-IoT presentation

Marcin Paprzycki from SRIPAS (ASSIST-IoT partner) presented “Introduction to Federated Learning” in the EU-IoT Training Workshops Series: AIoT and Edge Machine Learning – Unleashing the Power of IoT Analytics at the Edge – on Friday May 21, 2021. This was an online event  organised by NGIoT/EU-IoT as part of the EU-IoT Training Workshops Series. Read more “ASSIST-IoT presentation”