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Capitalising on Cloud-Edge-IoT: Building your next product, finding your next market opportunity EUCLOUDEDGEIoT

Capitalising on Cloud-Edge-IoT: Building your next product, finding your…

Explore the opportunities for SMEs and start-ups to contribute to advanced use cases in Cloud-Edge across automotive, energy, mobility, manufacturing and access the leading tech for your product development in this webinar dedicated to open calls and funding opportunities. Learn which opportunities exist between 75.000 and 350.000 € to position yourselves at the forefront of tech, meet the challenge owners and source new partners to complement your teams and find out how to achieve scale from your initial participation. Organised by EUCloudEdgeIoT and Next Generation Internet, it is the point to start building the relationship to join this community.

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EU-IoT Final Event on March 30

EU-IoT has been a vital accelerator for the European IoT ecosystem, supporting the development of synergies, fostering strategic coordination among Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) projects and related initiatives, and promoting the adoption of IoT solutions. As the project comes to a close in March 2023, this event provides an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned and explore the future of IoT in Europe.

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ASSIST-IoT Open Call #2 – First Webinar performed

ASSIST-IoT project, with the support of NGIoT, organizes a series of 3 webinars shedding light on the project’s 2nd Open Call details!
These webinars are conducted by the ASSIST-IoT team for presenting their upcoming funding opportunity through ASSIST-IoT Open Call, 480,000€ are reserved for SMEs, RTOs and universities willing to provide added value to the pilots of the project while validating its technical outcomes. Read more “ASSIST-IoT Open Call #2 – First Webinar performed”