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ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2: Smart Safety of Workers – Validation…

This video summarizes the validation tests of ASSIST-IoT Pilot #2: Smart Safety of Workers. The tests took place on Mostostal Warszawa S.A. construction site of the University of Warsaw. If you want to know more about how our developed solutions can improve health and safety and how they work in a changing construction we encourage you to check out this video.

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ASSIST-IoT Smart Orchestrator Enabler: Discover your Tool for Cluster…

This video introduces the Smart Orchestrator, an enabler within the ASSIST-IoT project. This tool is responsible for intelligently or manually selecting which Kubernetes cluster to instantiate ‘enablers’. These ‘enablers’ essentially consist of virtualized services that enable specific functions, defined using Helm charts. Specifically, this video provides a brief overview of various aspects related to its installation, features, and usage.

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Frugal Heart Rate Correction Method for Scalable Health and…

Continuous, real-time monitoring of occupational health and safety in high-risk workplaces such as construction sites can substantially improve the safety of workers. However, introducing such systems in practice is associated with a number of challenges, such as scaling up the solution while keeping its cost low. In this context, this work investigates the use of an off-the-shelf, low-cost smartwatch to detect health issues based on heart rate monitoring in a privacy-preserving manner.


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Cloud-Edge-IoT Landscape

Cloud, Edge and IoT represent three major, interconnected technology trends enabling the digital transformation of European organisations and economies. Via the dashboards and infographics below you can learn more about the key findings and the most interesting data from our CEI market analysis. 

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ASSIST-IoT newsletter #11

The latest ASSIST-IoT newsletter is now available! In this issue you may find all about project related activities for May-July 2023 period. This issue focuses
on, the communication and the dissemination activities of the period, the TOC Conference, the EuCNC 2023, and the trials and testing activities in Poland.

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European Vision in Cloud-Edge-IoT identifies four main research directions…

The consultation event held in Brussels on 11 May 2023 aimed to bring forward thinking in the Computing Continuum. The meeting was organised by Open Continuum under the EUCloudEdgeIoT initiative and the European Commission (EC). It gathered industrial players of all sizes, academic researchers, EC-funded projects and policymakers. New trends, visions, and tracks for research, from the most relevant papers received were presented at the event as well as the research roadmap developments of relevant initiatives


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