‘Mixed reality applications for health and safety monitoring’ Paper Presentation


‘Mixed reality applications for health and safety monitoring’ Paper…

Fotis Konstantinidis from ISenseGroup presented the ASSIST-IoT conference paper entitled ‘Mixed reality applications for health and safety monitoring’, at the IEEE IST- International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (October 17-19, 2023) in the DTU – Technical University of Denmark.

This year, scientists and engineers from all over the world met to explore the design principles, development and applications of new imaging technologies and computer visualization techniques. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret imaging data is rapidly changing the global economy, experiencing an unparalleled integration of science and technology with artificial intelligence and big data; let us see this event as unique opportunity not only to exchange and disseminate knowledge but also bridge multidisciplinary areas like engineering and science with health science, robotics, quantum neuromorphic cognition, exploration of Space and Industry 4.0.; generating new knowledge while establishing global collaborative multidisciplinary opportunities, by tightening collaborations among industry, academia, and healthcare industry. 

Find out more about the event here

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