“A Replicability and Scalability Assessment tool” AIOTI White Paper


“A Replicability and Scalability Assessment tool” AIOTI White Paper

The AIOTI white paper entitled “A Replicability and Scalability Assessment tool” has been released.



The Replicability and Scalability initiative has the objective to facilitate the reusage of IoT and
Edge computing use cases and solutions developed in European funded research projects. A
number of projects are developing and experimenting use cases and solutions that could be
advantageously replicated in other locations in order to avoid “reinventing the wheel
For that purpose, the AIOTI Task Force Replicability and Sustainability developed an assessment
tool able to qualify each use case/solution in terms of replicability level in order to give relevant
information to developers that are willing to replicate them.
This white paper is proposing a methodology as well as a tool (questionnaire) that allow an
accurate study of use case/solution. It covers 5 dimensions that need to be addressed to qualify
a result and it has been developed in cooperation with the Horizon Result Platform and the
Horizon Result Booster projects with the objective to use it in other domains than IoT and Edge
A questionnaire has been developed based on the topics identified for each dimension, this
questionnaire will be used to define the replicability level of a specific solution. For each question
a number of points is allocated and the level will be defined according to a minimum number
of points. Three levels have been pre-defined (High replicability, Medium replicability and Low
replicability). They will be adjusted after running a specific pilot which will help to identify the
relevant thresholds.
A pilot will be conducted with the Smart Network and Services call 1 projects which are ready
to collaborate in order to get an idea of the replicability of the development planned in their
respective projects.
Find the White Paper along with the ASSIST-IoT contributions here.

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