Meta Operating Systems: Innovating the CEI landscape


Meta Operating Systems: Innovating the CEI landscape

In a compelling exploration of the state-of-the-art projects that are redefining the boundaries of edge-to-cloud computing through virtualized, secure, and efficient orchestration mechanisms, the second settlement of the “ RIA Showcase” webinars, an initiative of the EUCEI’s Open Continuum CSA, took place on April 3rd 2024 and counted around 40 attendees. 

The event, titled “Meta Operating Systems: Innovating the CEI landscape”, was hosted by the MetaOS projects aerOS and FlUIDOS, served as a pivotal gathering for experts in the field of edge-to-cloud computing, presenting an invaluable forum to discuss the advancements and innovations driving the future of the computing continuum.

In its initiation, the webinar highlighted the individual and collaborative efforts within the MetaOS cluster, aiming for a synergistic approach to tackle the challenges and opportunities within the computing continuum. The focus on addressing gaps in computing devices within the continuum and the quest for a common language and standards that would facilitate more coherent development across the sector, was emphasised. Also, the remarkable efforts put on working together towards a common reference architecture for the so-called “computing continuum” were highlighted.

Represented by its leading technical or project coordinator, each of the projects ICOS, FLUIDOS, NEPHELE, NEMO, aerOS and NebulOuS provided insights into their specific contributions to Meta OS, showcasing their commitment to innovation and the application of their technologies in real-world scenarios.

The webinar underscored the importance of AI across all projects, highlighting its ubiquitous application from internal orchestration workloads to enabling vertical services across various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, and health. Also, the connection to relevant trends in the field, such as cloud-native technologies applied closer to the data sources dominated the debate.

Likewise, a significant portion of the discussion was dedicated to sharing insights into the future roadmap, anticipating developments in the near future, and how these advancements are expected to influence the CEI landscape.

The session concluded with a call for continued collaboration and innovation among the participants and the broader community, reflecting on the progress made and the journey ahead in redefining the boundaries of edge-to-cloud computing.

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