“II Workshop of the ASSIST-IoT approach to NGIoT architecture design and implementation” at IoT Week 20


“II Workshop of the ASSIST-IoT approach to NGIoT architecture…

ASSIST-IoT ASSIST-IoT is an EU funded research project aiming to design, implement and validate a   multi-plane (semi-)autonomous edge-cloud reference architecture, to assist human-centric applications in multiple sectors. This architecture consists of horizontal planes, which include device, network, data and application-related functionalities to support Next-Generation IoT (NGIoT) paradigm, and vertical ones, which address all-encompassing concerns, properties and transversal functionalities such as security,  interoperability or manageability, among others.

Some experts of the project will present relevant outcomes of ASSIST-IoT, namely: features of the solution for multi-cluster orchestration of enablers in distributed computing continuum, following Cloud-Native principles and container orchestration technologies; making use of DLT for improving the security and trustworthiness in NGIoT ecosystems; design and implementation of a federated learning suite developed in the project for ensuring data privacy and network minimisation on IoT environments.

Besides, the HE project aerOS will present its synergies with the developments proposed in ASSIST-IoT. aerOS aims to design and build a virtualised, platform-agnostic meta operating system for the IoT edge-cloud continuum bringing together concepts such as XAI, federated learning, multi-cluster management, 5G&6G advances and distributed, decentralized multiplane analytics. Presentations:

  • Introduction of ASSIST-IoT as reference architecture for the NGIoT
  • Smart orchestrator features for deploying enablers in multi-cluster distributed environments
  • Enhancing security of IoT infrastructures using Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Federated learning in Internet of Things environment
  • aerOS project: objectives and synergies with ASSIST-IoT

Moderator: Dr. Alejandro Fornés (UPV)


Mr. Georgios Stavropoulos (CERTH)

Dr. Katarzyna Wasielewska-Michniewska (SRIPAS)

Dr. Ignacio Lacalle (UPV)

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