“IoT-empowered road anomalies detection in real-time” by insigh.io Open Caller

Open Call winners ASSIST-IoT

“IoT-empowered road anomalies detection in real-time” by insigh.io Open…

Open Call winnersOpen Call Winner, project RAZOR by insigh.io, completed their task and has provided a detailed report.

Statistics show that many road accidents are caused directly by poor road conditions and by the drivers’ reaction to incidents and hazards resulted by improper road design or construction. In addition, road network infrastructure, from local roads to larger arterials and interstates, require significant financial investment for maintenance. Typically, this incurs costs of several thousands of euros per km, depending on the road type.

Today, monitoring and repairing the road infrastructure involves a lot of manual operations. Thus, the inspection of the quality of the infrastructure should be gradually improved and be more automated to enhance driver and passenger safety while keeping costs low. RAZOR (“Road hAZard detector”) is a scalable IoT solution, built on top of the insigh.io hardware and software technology stack, that detects road surface anomalies in real time. It may provide road surface monitoring information to various stakeholders such as road operators and maintainers, authorities for infrastructure and transport, municipalities, insurance companies. RAZOR has been developed in the context of ASSIST-IoT EU Project.

You may find more details here: https://insigh.io/blog/iot-empowered-road-anomalies-detection-in-real-time/ & https://docs.insigh.io/firmwareapi/