“Guidance for the Integration of IoT and Edge Computing in Data Spaces” Report


“Guidance for the Integration of IoT and Edge Computing…

  AIOTI White Paper. This document provides an analysis on the integration of IoT and edge computing in data spaces. It explains the context, defines data spaces, enumerates the challenges of data spaces, as well as the positioning of data spaces in the AIOTI high-level architecture (HLA).

It provides an architecture analysis of data spaces, covering:

– data space systems of interest from three perspectives: computing continuum, federation of
systems, and data collecting / trading;
– stakeholders of data space systems;
– concerns and properties, general to data spaces, specific to cyber physical systems, to the
integration of edge computing and processing, and to trustworthiness;
– building blocks to address concerns related to data governance, cyber physical systems and
digital twins, trustworthiness support, interoperability support, infrastructure reconfiguration
support, and data business marketplaces.

It describes the relation to existing solutions:

– a construction approach relying on reference architecture standards and patterns:
– the use of reference architectures proposal from IDSA, oneM2M, ETSI MEC;
– the work carried out by a number of large-scale projects: PLATOON, INTERCONNECT,
SmartBear, ASSIST-IoT.

It provides recommendations for data space standards.

The report is available online at https://aioti.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/AIOTI-Guidance-for-IoT-Integration-in-Data-Spaces-Final.pdf