ASSIST-IoT Mixed Reality (MR) enabler video


ASSIST-IoT Mixed Reality (MR) enabler video

This video serves as an introduction to the Mixed Reality (MR) component within the ASSIST-IoT ecosystem. In this ecosystem, all the constituent elements are referred to as “enablers” and hence, this particular component is known as the “MR enabler”. Its primary function is to present information to the user by visualizing data obtained from other enablers. The data it presents can be either static information stored within other enablers or dynamically generated data from another enabler.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility to be configured on the fly, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to various IoT ecosystems. This video offers a brief overview of the capabilities provided by the MR enabler, including the ability to:
i) Present and manipulate Building Information Modeling (BIM) files.
ii) Display real-time generated alerts and project information.
iii) Generate comprehensive reports regarding non compliance behaviours.
(Acknowledgment: This video has been produced by ICCS, ASSIST-IoT partner, in the context of ASSIST-IoT project)

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