ASSIST-IoT project at TRA 2022 Conference


ASSIST-IoT project at TRA 2022 Conference

UPV represented ASSIST-IoT on the event Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2022 held in Lisbon during the days 14th to 16th November 2022. There, ASSIST-IoT was pitched at the stand of the European Commission in the main exhibitors pavilion, counting with the presence of members of the EC. In addition, ASSIST-IoT dissemination material was actively shared with many attendees thanks to the joint participation in a booth sponsored by the projects DataPorts and MobiDataLab.

Stickers and leaflets were distributed and interest was raised, in particular to the application of ASSIST-IoT enablers to the automotive and maritime ports sectors.

As a culmination of ASSIST-IoT actions, a poster was exhibited in the main poster panel. The poster was explained by UPV representatives (included the Project Coordinator), summarising the works depicted in a scientific paper elaborated by several members of the project relating the innovative business scenario of automated, edge-based cooperation between cargo handling equipment to perform more efficient operations in maritime terminal yards.

TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility. TRA is the foremost European transport event that covers all transport modes and all aspects of mobility. In 2022, TRA takes place in Lisbon, Portugal. Themed “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”, TRA2022 brings together experts from around the world to discuss the newest innovations and future of mobility and transport, building also on the Portuguese historical legacy and links to overseas transport professionals. Through the development of innovative solutions, TRA Lisbon 2022 aims for a more efficient, safer, carbon-free, inclusive, and sustainable transport in all its modes. You may find more information here: