GWEN Board by Neways partner for ASSIST-IoT pilots


GWEN Board by Neways partner for ASSIST-IoT pilots

The GWEN is a modular gateway, provided by Neways, to enable multiple communication techniques by means of module boards or USB dongles. Because of its modular design, modules can be swapped and specs can be adjusted according to needs, this way the GWEN can be tailored to fit practically any situation/requirement of ASSISt-IoT pilots.

The GWEN is designed as a multipurpose Edge gateway to enable powerful Edge computing, thus allowing IoT solutions that require serious calculational power without the need for very high-speed internet communication (i.e. 5G/WiFi). It is powered by a SOM module (System on Module) which runs a docker environment on a Linux operating system.

The current version of the GWEN has the following key specifications:


4 x Cortex-A53 @ upto 1.5 GHz

                1 x Cortex-M4F @ 266 MHZ

                64-bit Armv8-A architecture


                LPDDR4 – 2GB

                eMMC Flash – 8GB


                Gigabit Ethernet

                USB3.0 OTG


                MIPI DSI

                HDMI/DP Transmitter

                MIPI CSI (2 + 4 lanes)