ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2 – BIM Visualization


ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2 – BIM Visualization

The BIM visualisation functionality relies on the loading of the BIM model in a way that can be visualized through the MR device. The OSH inspector can manipulate the most-updated BIM model at each location, reviewing the overall progress of the building as well as the dangerous zones.

Safety at the construction site will be also increased by additional control of access to restricted zones, ensuring that only workers with relevant permissions, and valid safety trainings have access to dangerous locations.

Moreover, workers in the vicinity of operating construction equipment will be better protected thanks to dynamic geofencing in the zone around the construction plant in operation.Each person will be identifiable to prevent entry of unauthorised persons to critical zones, and to limit the access of suppliers/sellers. The permission to access a specific area of the construction site will be indicated in the BIM system for each construction worker.

(Acknowledgment: This video has been produced by ICCS, ASSIST-IoT partner, in the context of ASSIST-IoT project)
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