ASSIST-IoT in IoT Week 2022!


ASSIST-IoT in IoT Week 2022!

ASSIST-IoT project was present in IoT week 2022 which took place on 20 – 23 June 2022. ASSIST IoT project organized a workshop entitled “The ASSIST-IoT approach to NGIoT architecture design and implementation” on the 21st of June. At this workshop, partners had the chance to present relevant outcomes of ASSIST-IoT. During this workshop, partners of the ASSIST-IoT presented the project’s concept along with advances related to our pilot cases.

In particular: design principles of the reference architecture and definition of the concept of encapsulated enablers; orchestration of enablers in an ASSIST-IoT deployment, following Cloud-Native principles and leveraging container orchestration technologies; DLT for securing data sharing in IoT environments; and use of ASSIST-IoT enablers for enhancing vertical applications, in particular, for securing assets’ tracking in terminal yards, and consuming real-time data for mixed reality applications in construction environments. More specifically the following presentations took place:

  • Introduction of ASSIST-IoT as the reference architecture for the NGIoT by Ignacio Lacalle Ubeda from UPV
  • Design and implementation of a smart orchestrator for deploying enablers in NGIoT environments by Alejandro Fornés Leal from UPV
  • Secure data sharing schemes for IoT by coupling XACML & Distributed Ledgers by Iordanis Papoutsoglou from CERTH
  • ASSIST-IoT functionalities for securely tracking assets in terminal yard by Eduardo Garro from Prodevelop
  • Consuming real-time data in Mixed Reality application through distributed data broker: A case study on large construction site by Fotios K. Konstantinidis from ICCS.

Special thanks to all participant and to those who supported this workshop remotely!

Stay Tuned the best is yet to come!

Also, ASSIST-IoT was present in the NGIoT booth (No7) with dedicated material and relevant activities.

You may find all related information about the event here: