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Validation Tests of the Smart Safety of Workers Pilot

ASSIST-IoT partners started validation tests of the smart safety of workers pilot for ASSIST-IoT Project. The tests are taking place on Mostostal Warszawa SA construction site of the University of Warsaw. Our pilot is focused on the improvement of workers’ health and safety by providing a human centric NGIoT solution to effectively support OSH management at the construction site. We will keep you informed about more technical information in the upcoming recordings.

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ASSIST-IoT: Testing UWB localization on a construction site

ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2 partners did a preliminary evaluation of the localization and edge computing hardware developed for ASSIST-IoT (Gateway Edge Node (GWEN), Ultra Wideband localization system, and the Location Tracking enabler). The test was done on an active construction site. Find out the video here:

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GWEN Board by Neways partner for ASSIST-IoT pilots

The GWEN is a modular gateway, provided by Neways, to enable multiple communication techniques by means of module boards or USB dongles. Because of its modular design, modules can be swapped and specs can be adjusted according to needs, this way the GWEN can be tailored to fit practically any situation/requirement of ASSISt-IoT pilots.

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ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2 – EDBE Alerts

In the context of ASSIST-IoT Pilot 2: “Smart Safety of workers”
alerts and notifications are generated from various components of the Next-Generation IoT ecosystem. They are used to notify the OSH inspector for incidents such as falling and other accidents, exceedance of permitted physiological and environmental parameters, for unauthorized access, or when approaching dangerous zones. 

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