ASSIST-IoT project at TRA 2022 Conference

UPV represented ASSIST-IoT on the event Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2022 held in Lisbon during the days 14th to 16th November 2022. There, ASSIST-IoT was pitched at the stand of the European Commission in the main exhibitors pavilion, counting with the presence of members of the EC. In addition, ASSIST-IoT dissemination material was actively shared with many attendees thanks to the joint participation in a booth sponsored by the projects DataPorts and MobiDataLab.

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ASSIST-IoT Newsletter #8

The eighth issue of ASSIST-IoT newsletter presents the project activities throughout August -October 2022 period. This issue focuses on the ASSIST-IoT Open Call #2, the communication and the dissemination activities of the period, the project deliverables, the interaction with the NGIoT association, and the 5th GA Meeting in Warsaw.

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AI Application in Next Generation Programmable Networks

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can provide an effective solution for dynamic and automated network resource management in Software Defined Networking (SDN). In this contribution, we propose an auto-configuration enabler inside the next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) architecture proposed in the ASSIST-IoT project, for network resource allocation. The AI algorithm is responsible for controlling intent-based routing in an SDN network. This paper focuses on the problem of optimal intent switching between two designated paths using a Deep-Q-Learning approach based on an artificial neural network. Read more “AI Application in Next Generation Programmable Networks”


GWEN Board by Neways partner for ASSIST-IoT pilots

The GWEN is a modular gateway, provided by Neways, to enable multiple communication techniques by means of module boards or USB dongles. Because of its modular design, modules can be swapped and specs can be adjusted according to needs, this way the GWEN can be tailored to fit practically any situation/requirement of ASSISt-IoT pilots.

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ASSIST-IoT OC2 Statistics

The 2nd ASSIST-IoT Open Call closed on Monday 31st of October 2022 at 17:00 CET. The express of interest was really high and in total 26 open call proposals were submitted. Notifications on funding or rejections will be sent out to all participants together with any feedback, by 20 December 2022. More details on statistics are provided further below. Thank you all participants for submitting their proposals! Read more “ASSIST-IoT OC2 Statistics”


ASSIST-IoT 5th GA Plenary Meeting

The 5th ASSIST-IoT GA meeting and the second face-to-face meeting took place on October 2022, in CIOP-PIB’s premises in Warsaw. The meeting lasted for three days (19th -21st October) and was held in two parallel tracks, focusing the discussion on several technical activities/tasks and on more general aspects such as impact, Open Calls, and pilots’ status. Partners also had the chance to visit a construction site in Lodz and see details about the implementation phase.

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ASSIST-IoT Open Call #2 extention

The New Deadline is now October 30th!

We cordially invite you to join the ASSIST-IoT Open Call! The ASSIST-IoT Open Call #2 will remain open for proposals submission until 31st of October 2022.

If you are already creating IoT solutions or have a solution and you need funding for further developing it and bringing it to market, the ASSIST-IoT Open Call 2 might be your solution.

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