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AIOTI Technical Report

AIOTI “Report Computing Continuum Scenarios, Requirements and Optical Communication enablers” Technical Report. This report introduces Computing Continuum use cases, requirements and KPIs on communication infrastructures, IoT and edge computing platforms. Compared to many current activities the computing continuum enable a more flexible allocation of compute and communication resources and workload placement. Read more “AIOTI Technical Report”


AIOTI “Report High Priority Edge Computing Standardisation Gaps and…

AIOTI “Report High Priority Edge Computing Standardisation Gaps and Relevant SDOs” Technical Report This report introduces an approach for the definition and identification of key edge computing and/or combination of IoT/IIoT, edge computing and cloud computing gaps in several initiatives. Based on the prioritisation of these gaps, the deliverable starts to address the work done within the relevant SDOs that need to cooperate in order to solve these gaps. Read more “AIOTI “Report High Priority Edge Computing Standardisation Gaps and Relevant SDOs””


EU-IoT IDEAthon/Hackathon 2021/22

The EU-IoT Hackathon focuses on “sustainable next-generation IoT applications”.The aim of the EU-IoT Hackathon is to disseminate new business ideas, experiments, and prototypes as the first step to best support next-generation sustainable IoT solutions. It will take place between 27th-29th June 2022, in Munich (Germany). The hackathon is co-located with CONASENSE2022. Read more “EU-IoT IDEAthon/Hackathon 2021/22”


ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #8

ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #8, entitled “ASSIST-IoT: A Reference Architecture for Next Generation Internet of Things”, by ASSIST-IoT partners Alejandro Fornés-Leal, Ignacio Lacalle, Carlos E. Palau, Paweł Szmeja and Maria Ganzha, has been published at ASSIST-IoT website. This report has been also submitted as paper to EuCNC 2022, Grenoble, France (7-10 June 2022). Acceptance results expected early April.

Read more “ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #8”