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Technical Report 2

ASSIST-IoT Technical Report #2, entitled ““Sunday-FL – Developing Open Source Platform for Federated Learning” , by: ASIST-IoT partners Piotr Niedziela, Anastasiya Danilenka, Dominik Kolasa, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Kumar Nalinaksh has been published. Abstract—Since its inception, in approximately 2017, federated
learning became an area of intensive research. Obviously, such
research requires tools that can be used for experimentation.
Here, the biggest industrial players proposed their own platforms,
but these platforms are anchored in tools that they “promote”.
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IoT Next Club

IoT Next Club  is here to boost the role of SMEs in the IoT field. It represents the forefront of techonology in Europe, as we integrate SMEs from different certicals to build a strong community and find ways to collaborate. We believe in the power of cross sector synergies as we put together diffeerent players who may benegit from the critical relationships. Read more “IoT Next Club”


ASSIST-IoT on ResearchGate

ASSIST-IoT has a project account in ResearchGate platform. ASSIST-IoT is a EU H2020 ICT-56-2020 funded research project which aims at design, implementation and validation of an open, decentralized reference architecture, associated enablers, services and tools, to assist human-centric applications in multiple verticals.

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